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(A friend zone Mind)  

Maybe just Maybe
Everything is okay like this
It feels sad
Just maybe
This is the best way it should be
I mean
Yes, I get to see you and I act like the world just made for us,
 'act' as I said but surely it is what it is cause it's an impulse that I go through due to your presence...
 I feel great bliss, love, and a lot more goofy, crazy, spontaneous happy moments like sadness never exists.. 
Maybe just maybe 
That is what it should be like cause 
Maybe just maybe 
If I considered what exactly I hide within my heart, we could lose all this
Yes just maybe
If I let out all I have, our lively moments would never be the same, 
Maybe they could end up being more awkward than amazing or 
Maybe just maybe 
Would end up more like a dream come true for all cheerful moments we always have... 
Am saying this cause
Maybe just maybe
There could be a better option
 but, I don't know      

                                                        ¬©McLas Jr 



  • relatable

    Jan 05, 2021

  • Jan 05, 2021

  • Definitely relatable.

    Jan 05, 2021

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