Chapter One : Sexual Lesbian Kinks Of Maîtresse Nathaly Read Count : 25

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Emily: Nath,  can I ask what are the most five things Sexual Lesbian kink things you see in my  personality when we first met at Cheese Festival? ..

Nath: first you look really pretty, and looking so…. Sweet…. I thought, because of your dress, that you were someone very smart and open minded.
After talking with you, I was sure of all that….. And maybe more and more interested in you. I really liked how you move, and I started to imagine things, seeing you walking in your little dress ..... Yes I was excited….

Emily: Well, thank you for your lovely honest truthful comments about my mystery personality. I also have comments for you my love.
1: I found you a very strict person on the outside part of your body but on the inside a special   person.
2:when you came over to my table that I was sitting at in the corner of the tent I knew I was in for an exciting moment with a mystery Lesbian lover of a different planet.
3: I also love the way you walk over to me in a Tight Leather jacket and with long Leather Boots on .
4: I was  Amazed by the way you asked me to join a    selection of Different types of smelly Cheeses with You.
5: Thank you for asking me to join You for a great day and a  hot experience at Christmas .

Emily: so Nath now that you know know my finest feelings for you
What do you think about them my Friend,,,, Also Nath ,at the festival why did you want to join me  so we enjoy something special and sexuual and something naughty after the festival has finally finished and the public members are starting to leave for home?  What are your plans for the rest of the night after the festival has finished in the Village of Birdice ?

I am really happy and excited by your thoughts .... Femininity is a demonic weapon, whether for women or men. But as you know, for me alone counts the effect on women .... for males the effects that I do to them are severely punished.

When I approached you, I had this lump in my stomach, I saw your smile so soft, your skin that I wanted to caress .... and even if my submissive continued to follow me, I no longer saw him, I only had eyes for you.

End of Ceremony Two 


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