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When God sends rain,
 Is because He wants 
To wash away our sins. 

When God sends us the sun,
 It is because He wants 
To dry all our tears.

  When God sends us snow,
It is to freeze the souls of those
 Who want to hurt us, 
And the hands of those 
Who want to hit our feelings. 

 When God takes people out of our lives,
 It is to show us that we can live 
Better without them inside. 

 When God sends us people into our lives,
It is because we have enough space
 For them in our souls to love,
 And we need them also in our growth process.

I trust in every move of the Lord in my life,
Because He best understands
 People's intentions.
His choices are made just to protect my soul! 
I trust Him!


  • Jan 04, 2021

  • Jan 04, 2021

  • Beautiful

    Jan 04, 2021

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