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She's wearing the white silk dress, 
The dress she wears only on special days.
She puts bright red lipstick on her lips,
 Making wonderful memories- in between.

  She started dancing to old rhythms, 
And some have already started singing -
To get her attention. Ha, ha, ha! 
But it looks like she doesn't see them.

 Her baby smile, her thin hair, 
Feels comfortable,
 Even if everyone sees her. 

 She drinks from the glass of wine
 That is on the table.
Her perfume remains behind her -
They like her bad girl attitude!

They like her when she wears a dress.
I like her, even if she's wearing jeans. 
 They like to see her with makeup, 
I like to see her more natural.  

They like to see her smiling,
 I like her even when she is crying.
They like to see her talkative, 
I like to listen to her
 Even when she is silent.

I like her the way she is,
 I don't want to change anything.
She's perfect when she laughs, 
She's perfect when she's sad. 
 She is perfect all the time,
Even when I'm not perfect for her.


  • Jan 03, 2021

  • Jan 04, 2021

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    Jan 04, 2021

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