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We have known each other for many years,
 We spent a lot of time together.
We make jokes, we tell each other secrets...
We are best friends instead of lovers.

You want me as a lover, 
I see you as a friend. 
 You have deep feelings, 
I can't feel the same.

  I love our friendship, 
We talk about anything,
 But in the meantime, 
Someone else stole my breath.

Please don't put pressure on me,
 I don't want to give up our friendship.
I don't like to see you upset 
And pretend to be happy.

  You want me as a lover,
You are the best friend to me.
You have deep feelings,
I can't love you the way you deserve.

I love our friendship,
I will always be there for you.
Forgive me... but I can't give you my heart,
Because my heart is already stolen
 By someone else's heart.

Forgive me, my friend, 
I never wanted to hurt you.
You want me as a lover, 
I see you as a friend...


  • Jan 03, 2021

  • Jan 03, 2021

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    Jan 03, 2021

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