You Can Bring Me Back To Life Read Count : 15

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When I will die, 
I know that you can bring me back to life -
Through the good memories
 We have gathered together, sweetheart.

 If I lose my voice,
 You will read my thoughts, 
Because you know me
 As well as I know myself. 

 In order to keep you healthy,
 I can give you my health. 
Because every time you hug me,
 I regain my strength. 

 Your arms are the wings 
That make me fly.
 Your thoughts are the warm blanket 
That covers my empty soul. 

 When I kiss your forehead, 
I feel closer to the stars. 
When I touch your fingers, 
I can reach my dreams.


  • Jan 03, 2021

  • Jan 03, 2021

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    Jan 03, 2021

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