I Don't Need To Belong Read Count : 17

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All I want is to breathe freely,
Without covering my face with a mask.
Without taking the vaccine, 
That they think is good for my health.

  I don't need to belong to a group,
 I don't want to let others decide for my life.  

This is my opinion, I do not want
 To change anyone's mind.
I think everyone knows 
What is best and what is bad. 

I can lose everything, 
I don't care anymore, 
But I don't want to lose 
What I value most: my dignity.

  The world has changed for the worse,
 This place has become a jungle.
 We think we are good, 
But we have bad behavior.


  • Jan 02, 2021

  • Beautiful

    Jan 02, 2021

  • Ghostly Poet

    Ghostly Poet

    Great job once again.

    Jan 02, 2021

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