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So They Say That Time Heals All Wounds,But The Are Wounds That Never Quite Heal,That With Time They Deepen, With Every Drop Of Gentle Rain They Soften And It Hurts More Than Before

YES I Loved You
Thus Cuts Deeper Than The First Cut,Bleeding All Over Again With Different Pain At The Same Place,
With Age Comes An Undefined Wisdom,But I Seem To Be Being Stupid More Than Before Because I Keep Falling For The Same You Everytime I Try Love,

Once Bitten Twice Shy,But I'm More Brave At Falling In Love More Than Ever Before,
Thing Is I Keep Falling For The Same Thing That Tore Me Apart,Truly What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger

I Keep Seeing You In Different People At Different Times,Indeed Your Heart Was Never Mine,Thus I'm Stupid I'm Am I ?

The Pain That Lingers Through The Coords Of My Heart Ebbs And I Just Can't Love The Right People,For Shalt I About You Have Forgotten

I Saw The Pieces Of A Broken Fit,I Know Them Because I Had Seen Them Fall Apart,
The World Of My Love Life Crashing Fore My Face And The Cracks Left A Permanent Scar On The World Of Love

I Seem To Be Losing In The world Of Love
The Definitions That Mattered So Much Are Now Lost,The Promises Are Shattered,Broken Dreams,Broken Trust

To Be Continued

Yes I Loved You By Terrain The Poet 


  • Jan 02, 2021

  • Jan 02, 2021

  • Jan 02, 2021

  • Jan 02, 2021

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