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I don't know what you're made of, 
But I can't say "I love you" 
After a day spent together.
  Oh! Come on, darling! 

  I don't know where you're in such a hurry,
 But I don't think it's the right direction -
 In which I want to fit my steps
 And make my story happy.  

I don't know how love works in you,
 But if it doesn't ignite sparks in me... 
I can't believe it's real, 
I can't believe that love is true for you. 

 If love means only words, 
Please remain silent. 
 If love means only touch, 
I become untouchable, darling.  

If love means only promises,
 I do not need deceptions.
 if love means only sweet words, 
I will not make time to listen to them.

  If love means only kisses, 
I will cover my mouth.
if love means all this together, 
I am afraid that I will need more than all this.


  • Very good.

    Jan 01, 2021

  • Jan 01, 2021

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