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Every writer starts somewhere differently and He is bound to end somewhere differently. What matters is the quality of his write up which is determined by it's wavelengths.

Writing is a craft, you need to master one. There ain't a born writer. It takes some doings and you will be well on your way. You need to set your goals and move studiously toward achieving them. And, this should be at your own pace, I repeat, at your own pace! It's not a contest!

Many writers died many times before their time. Their poor-line of thinking caused it all. They thought they are competing with everybody who writes and presumably doing perfectly well. But, this is childish and it's not helping at all. Copy his style if it seems interesting but you cannot jump at becoming exactly him/her, do you know where he/she started from? It's too great a risk - dare not to take one.

Writing is uneasy I must confess. Sometimes you will spent your whole day trying to put down some shits, but a sentence may seems to be impossibly written. It's like that bother not about it. Your solution comes in few moment next. All you got to do now is drop your pen, swallow a chill pill and get to rest. It's not the right time to write.

You know what, there no such a busiest thing I have ever known than a writer's mind. It works all day long and everyday - it doesn't matter if the writer is asleep or awake. So, stay alert with the current happening around you. When you feel loaded with ideas, don't hesitate to unleash. It's the right time to write. Write your shits but never force it out.

As a writer, building your credibility is paramount- beyond mention. You need to avoid hyping an incident than it actually was. If you are writing a fiction let your readers know that you are feeding them out of the bounty wealth stock in your imaginary store. This is just fine. But, dont in any way pass a bogus statement as true. If your readers thereafter find out, your credibility as a writer is no less than a grain of salt in the Sea.

Dear writer press your F5 button, let's start afresh. Yes, it's a new beginning of the writer's voyage into 2021. you can do better!

Your's Nazir


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    Jan 01, 2021

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    Jan 02, 2021

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