New Year New Life Read Count : 15

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Rap
Happy new year
Yea its a new year 
Gotta crack brew beer
Supposed to be full of holiday cheer
But nomes here
To listen or hear
As the darkness apears
I see its all clear
Put my life at full gear 
Mother fuckein friends r not close or even near
I cant steer 
Im not in control
Wipe a tear
And then load a bowl
I dont belong in this atmosphere
Just fuck it all
Drop the ball
Then i lose it all
I start to bawl
And to my knees i fall
And then i finally start to crawl
Start to try
And for once my tears r dry
I dont wanna say goodbye
For once im not the bad guy
Im a magpie
High in the sky
Let myself fly
For once in my life...i dont wanna die


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