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   The first day of existing I was born a man. Just a man, but this man alone has supreme power over himself. Although in life a man to a man is just a man, so many are looking beyond. I'll remain vigilant and extremely careful while looking for some discovery or evidence for this higher supreme life.

   Naturally when my eyes saw the first light of this unknown world, they were starved for an understanding of it. A melting pot of my own what’s, how’s, and why’s towards life, man, and the above. Everything as a child I'd come in contact with was a obstacle to educate myself against simple persistence of my dedication for life. Making a all-inclusive Implication towards everything biologically livings story, because it's similar to my own in that regard.The triumphant victory over constant hardships, obstacles, combats, along with a infinite other nameless shapeless dangers all but unavoidable in life. Win or lose, victory or death, life's crossroad of no alternative, ether growth and decay.

   The current victor, the king, praised in life, tells the story of the loser, the subject, with displays of supremacy and glorious conquest. While sheeply the meek awe in for acceptance of a leader with difference for their required common man's duties. The eternal cold war of power that always lies in the wait. The entirety of the keen populace aware, perceptibly watching the other for weakness to exploit.

   The son is for the father the same as the father is for the son, their families, their friends, their freedom, their everything's at stake overweighting the risk. Eternally repeated, it has already been written in history. For either the stick conquers the man, or the man conquers the stick.

   As a child I strived for liberation, I'm my own personal detective for the understanding of all, inherent natural curiosity, my throwing of the cup taught me its smash. I'll open the doors forever, told to be left closed, because the lesson of my stove tops burn taught me caution. The most necessary first layer of protection in life to have. If a commonly avoided unknown is learned threw my illumination. My personal danger to its threat could only be lowered by my awareness of it. For behind all Those closed doors built from my fear, lies the scariest monster imaginable. Influenced by all the mysteriously-dreadful tales of grave danger told, over generations of exaggerations and time granted a guarantee of forgetfulness.

   While my revelation for the truth, at worst will only unveil my predicaments reality. The cruel king's tormenting rule from behind his wall appears mighty, an unchallengeable, a god among common men. A populace complacent to the normality of their gods manipulative indoctrination whip shifts their lack of livelihood with the gratefulness for god's scraps. Inevitably a unforgivable line is crossed either through my blood or my spirit. Turning my hopelessness for the walls imperturbability alongside the god king's inconceivable power and rule. That was By the Kings laws, God ingeniously groomed the flock, memorized, chanted, repeated part of their education, part of their pride.

   For God's trick of love was all lies, and homage to my kingdom has now  also died. Never was I meek in my faith, no longer as weak like sheep or run like the chicken. Blossoming a Thorned wisdom of a personality now becoming as shrewd as a fox and more vicious than a wolf. My common man's practice of hiding and clever trickery contributes to the collective courageousness. We witnessed the impossible, accomplished the unimaginable, we entered the unknown, we shattered the wall!

   Found no mystics, no unseen powers, no monstrous strength, no demons lying in wait, only found my own enlightenment. A God king dethroned by the common man's words of truthfulness. 

   Written by Jewls Decess, Heavily influenced by Max Stirner's book The Ego and Its Own's first chapter All things mean nothing to me.


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