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    Do pronouns really matter?

 Definition treadmill of words.

 Commonly understood lexicons.

 Does language really matter? 

Creating words vs changing the meaning of words.

 Narcissism and forced kindness. 

My bone to pick with pronouns and this meme in particular.

    This would be a piece of satire if I was the creator. Sadly the creator was completely serious. “They went down the stairs in the morning.” “I made Them breakfast.” “They poured Themselves a Drink” “They enjoyed Their meal.” Am I wrong for understanding proper word meaning and seeing the absurdity on display? Then the hysterically unfunny conclusion “RESPECT PRONOUNS, IF YOU DON’T KNOW JUST ASK.” Ask who? Obviously not a proof reader or google. Must be a trap to expose literates(SATIRE).

    Firstly both They and Them are plural pronouns. If I said “Would you look at them” and there was only one person in the distance. You wouldn't think ‘he’s progressive’ you would think ‘where did THEY go’. If my dad asked “where's your sister” and I replied “They went to the park” that inherently implies someone is with my sister. My point is not to be ignorant towards pronoun preferences but this use of They/Them is inconsiderate towards my understanding towards what is even being said. So right off this is telling me that the meaning for pronouns is subjective. Ironically that defeats the purpose for having pronouns in the first place.

    Every word in the English language is on a definition treadmill. Meaning evolves, grows, and branches off to create separate meanings when used in a different context then the original. This is guaranteed not to be 100% across the board, but I’d bet my one good testicle it's in the 99.9% percent range.

    What usefulness does a lexicon not understood by the listener have? Why have a dictionary if the words definitions are fluid between users. Anyone want to make sense rather than enforcing improper grammar on others? You should Identify yourself and then choose an existing pronoun or create your own. The rules for language have to make sense to everyone unlike an individual’s self image. I am a kind person and would always call you by whatever you told me your name was. If I did accidentally use a pronoun not of your liking it's a good thing you most likely wouldn't be there to hear my transgression. Most common usage for pronouns are not in a conversation with the noun in question. I can only think of Ma'am, Sir, Ms, Mr and ive said the wrong one by mistake talking to unquestionably gendered person plenty of times. Without them inherently being offended by my fuck up to boot.

    To what level does the world have to adjust to fit your self image? My names Jewls someone called me just the other day on Facebook because they thought I was a female. I had a laugh with him, why would I be offended by a strangers lack of knowing me? If they did know you and then purposely did such things, stop hanging out with the asshole. I’ve been called Selfish for being against hate speech laws, but it would be narcissistic of me to want to create one size fits all laws protecting my invented label and forcing others to use it. If you don’t understand it i'll be super condescending with my explanation and if you don’t agree or comply to my beliefs. I will dismiss you if i can not report you, because I am a kind and understanding person not some kind of bigot(SATIRE)

    Are They/ Them always plural? As a matter of fact THEY(plural because I’m referring to two not one) are unless used in conjunction with a DETERMINER Word. For example the word each when used “Each of Them have a different pronoun” singles out the individuals referred to within Them. The meme already gave use an example of this “They poured Themselves a Drink” Themselves individualizes the task of pouring a drink for They. If Themselves wasn't meant to be used in that way you would use Themself which isn't plural and is gender-less.

    Why should I care about word meanings and does it really matter? It never really mattered to me that much, I wasn’t part of the choosing my own pronoun movement. Now that it does matter though, they should follow the rules already in place. Otherwise the entire thing appears to be nonsense rather than expressive. I want you to be your true self and I also want to understand the lexicon used to communicate that. THEIR can be used for almost any noun or pronoun and has always been gender-less. I thought I knew if “I made Them breakfast.” I would need more than 1 egg, I guess not…...

    Now if you're still reading this remember “RESPECT PRONOUNS, IF YOU DON’T KNOW JUST ASK.” but obviously don’t ask me because Jewls is not intelligent, They is retarded(but I am learning).

                                                                                                                 By Jewls Decess



  • Love this!

    Dec 31, 2020

  • Diary of Jewls

    Diary Of Jewls

    Thank you its pretty tongue and cheek lol

    Dec 31, 2020

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