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Do you ever find yourself totally entranced by the thought of if you made the right move instead of that left? Lost in the thoughts of how my life could've been different. Replaying the conversation over and over. Debating on how you should have played it another way. Next thing I know my mind takes that thought and just starts running with it! I'm Living this whole different life, I succeed everywhere I have ever failed. My lost relationships are reconnected ,  better, stronger, as well as far more exciting than they ever were before. We're going on adventures that I never would've imagined we'd be on. My partner doesn't have the laundry list of personality faults that oozed out of her very soul. She's Perfect!

   Suddenly it's as if everything I say is made gold and all my ideas are inherently triumphant. She's in complete support of me and my dreams, everything I ever wanted is working out!! My Ego goes wild, I can't fail. This Perfect version of you is so in love with me and we never fight because you agree, I'm always right. Everything is Glorious!!

   Then the sudden SNAP back to reality. Faint feelings of loss over the I things i only just now dreamed about. In reality I'm in my bathroom, I'm sitting on the toilet and the tissue roll is empty.... 

by Jewls Decess


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