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Blind Trust should be okay to have, I truly like to believe in it. It is now so blazingly obvious to me now people don't research anything they share. They blindly believe what they share, either trusting or pushing its truth. A meme once my favorite source of comedy is now the instrument of mission information and sadly brainwashing.

Everyone has this amazing piece of technology in their hands to share their opinions and beliefs. While one app over they can research those same things, some memes even dating you to do so. People tell lies and link their facebooks. Not because they are telling the truth but to simply give the appearance that they are. Those who agree follow out like mindedness, and those who just agree with that meme share out of trust for its accuracy. There is a serious lack of due diligence, but even more troubling is the purposeful push of misinformation. Who's who and what's on Purpose, what's laziness, what's simple, lack critical thought and tribalism isn't that hard to spot if you put in even a little effort with an open mind but critical eye.

These apps are a grand extension of people and how they form their opinions on things. I'm very curious now about why people post the things they post. I want to know the reason now in this technological age of deception.

  1. Agreement with the sentiment

  2. The humor it brought you

  3. Pushing of a ideology

  4. Trust of its accuracy and the belief you're right in its support

  5. To cause a negative or positive reaction

  6. Was it in order to troll, drive traffic to themselves, or just to pass the time.

  7. But most importantly to me is belief, negligence, ignorance or worst of all deception.

It scares me how often with a simple google search, common sense analysis of the statement, or quick glance at the original posters page will completely blow the lid off its truthfulness. Mass trickery similar to Abrahamic religions, people tow the line or simply just believe In what those around them say they should. Far scarier yet is I fear some people only tow the line out of fear or are using these causes to further another agenda. Whatever the case is, I don't like its results in the least. I will always reminisce on the days of funny memes with humour being their purpose.


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