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   The concept of self-respect is not what I would have expected. I feel no shame making crude jokes or sharing about myself. I feel less offended by someone trying to scam me than I do by begging. New aged digital panhandling, less work than making a cardboard sign. Yet I wish i could run them over even more now. Most beggars on the streets I believe to be addicts at the very least. I received a private message for cash a familiar story such as, I just need a little money for gas.. Rather I have to pay my phone bill or it will be off for 24hrs. What a weak willed bitch of a reason to beg over or pretend to beg over a thing of such insignificance. Not even hungry, just can't go a day alone. Have to check my Facebook, have to text my cousin, how will I know if there's snow outside? I hope she has phone withdrawal and pukes the entire day. I heard going cold Turkey from smartphones has extreme effects!!! Like reading a book, or drawing a picture on paper, some people even go for a walk. I bet a good long walk would cross her path with other vagabonds who could relate……

   I wouldn't put her on the spot because I have integrity towards privacy, so I'll only publicly share my own words. I'd never spam my cardboard sign proposal like a chain email. I stand on my words and share them openly. Find some pride, 911 still works you won't die…….

   Sell me a good lie, scam me with a onlyfans even!! Do something!!! You barely even tried. A under archiving lie or if it's the truth I personally would rather die than send out such trash even one time. Not to everyone at once either that should be a crime, a waste of everybody's time. Sob story so shitty my watery eyes were dried by the lack of effort, no surprise twist or selling point for your case. I'm truly saddened In reverse of whatever was supposed to have taken place. Could easily got 40$ out of me on a date, fake as fuck and I might've still bitten at the bait. I prefer a whore to a beggar anyday, not sure what that says about my idea of pride. All I know is nothing is for free and text messages can't guilt me into sending my money but I'd definitely think about it for a picture of your titties…. 😅😅😅


  • Dec 31, 2020

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