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I can't believe that another year will go by,
 I can't believe how many dreams I had to let go. 

 I could say that it was the hardest year,
 But I don't know what difficulties 
The new near will bring me this time.

  Three hundred and sixty-six days
 Have passed quickly,
 It is a privilege to be alive and healthy.

Now at the end, I feel lucky
 That I managed to save some friendships 
And make other friends as well.

  I learned new things, 
I tried to improve myself, 
There were times when I felt I couldn't, 
But I managed to get up on time.  

I may not have found the love of my life, 
Nor the job I wanted, 
But the fact that I am still breathing,
 Is a new opportunity.

I'm ready to take it from the beginning 
And erase the bad memories,
 Maybe I found some answers 
But the questions have changed 
In the meantime.

I wish you all a better year, 
A year in which to find the things you have lost,
 The things you miss,
 The things that keep you in love - with yourself. 

 I wish you time for happiness. 
 Don't find time to regret anything.  
Keep smiles in your souls, 
keep your hope in your chest.


  • Dec 30, 2020

  • Dec 31, 2020

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