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On our first day, we met each other and got to know one another, but you didn’t know everything about me. I never knew about you fell in love with me, until you walked up and pulled a chair begun to helped me out softly touched my hand. I turned around and saw you in person your light coffee color eyes looked at me, you give the same feeling to me, and we talked with each other until you asked me for my contact, since then 
we texted with one another for the longest time, 
we were inseparable pair even I put a lot of effort into your birthday bash and buy an expensive necklace to given you. You are the person who told me what you felt about me, it’s made me felt special and comfortable being in a relationship with you when you asked me out for a first date, we went to a sushi restaurant in Factoria I enjoy spent time alone with you. On 
the day we texted with each other about being in a committed relationship and, we called ourselves girlfriend and boyfriend I felt secure and comfortable being loved by you, every time 
being with each other. Without a warning out of nowhere, you did something in front you of friends, being alone with you nobody can saw us doing or spent time with a one friend I tried helped you to relax. 
 I had things in my mind and that’s not enough our cuddle had stopped by the Christian leader anger and the overwhelming wave was inside me and came out with you beside me after you left I had an extreme emotional meltdown and temper behavior I thought being with you was my satisfaction, we were happy with each other 
I had this unsettling feeling and afraid of, what will happen down our relationship road. 
It’s made me can’t breathe and my heart was beating very fast like a treadmill, our relationship 
stay the same and I felt like you do things on me, until the beginning of summer on the eighth of the year 2020 shocking news coming from you, I gave you everything even my heart, and you stab me within my heart, your words like a bow and arrow shot me like a bullet red liquid oozed out from my body, lip color turns white as
Do you know how much I loved you? 
I chose pleasure over pain and, want you 
to understand how expensive I am, and 
you can’t stop me from loving you. 
You treat the necklace like a precious thing 
can you treat me like that? 
My skin faded I was under my grave 
nowhere to be seen, until you kneel on your 
knees and tear up say to me Laura, please 
I will do anything to have you back as my girlfriend again, I can’t do anything without you 
and I mean it this time I love you so much, and 
I beg you to come back alive, and we start over again, I never know how I have hurt you”. 
Finally, you kiss my lip and treat me like a precious thing, and your wish will be granted 
I come alive once again and give you a cuddle 
and a soft kiss on your lip, I say to you your words and you all I ever want coming from you, 
I will love you and want to be your future wife 
the rest of your life. You say to me yes! I will 
keep you forever and make you mine I love you, Laura”. 


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    Dec 30, 2020

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