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Lungs filled with debris can you see to brim breaking down herb from the stems stuck in a lucid state fuck money currency currently not chasing after ah dream cream dollar dollar that all we hallorring and singing I'm ain't complaining just saying wicked thought cought up in my sleep take ah other sip of dah drink tell me what you think it's that novocain eating molly rocks shit anit been the same shit so brail too steil we over sell our mental health for loyalty honestly it's the hipicit nails painted stepping off the ship take another puff off diss spliff my brotha life been on ah cliff take a trip leap of faith questioning if life was mistaken misthinking my niggas in the bando stay drinking 2019 niggas hiding go seek to many bones to pick like a tick flick of the bic flame be hitting the nicotine stick take a hit so I can spit what if Michael Jackson was right (this is it) last processed image new window tended new a.i invented my soul authentic generally speaking taken these pills got me geeking just seeking this life y'all keep preaching back from the golden gate land of the ape the planet was green they smoking up your tree no clean air to breath geezs cool breeze take you by surprise my nigga it's the mad hatter powered up off this mad powder not walking this hollow model 5th gear full thowlde halfway till my mind body escapes blasting off catch me in clouds 


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