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Just because I love you don’t mean I’ve forgotten!
Just because I forgave you don’t mean I’ll allow you to do it again!
Just because I needed you don’t mean I couldn’t do it on my own!
Just because I asked you don’t mean your obligated to do it!
Just because I did it for you don’t mean I was stupid for doing it!
Just because you’re a liar don’t mean your incapable of telling the truth!
Just because I can’t punish you for all the wrongs you’ve done don’t mean you got away with them!
Just because you believe your a child of god don’t mean your a godly person!
Just because I know these things don’t make me any better or different from you!
Just because I try everyday to become a better person than I was yesterday don’t mean I won’t do anything wrong tomorrow!
Just because I asked for forgiveness don’t mean I was truly forgiven!
Just because all mankind is imperfect don’t mean we shouldn’t fight for perfection everyday! 
Just because your reading everything I post don’t mean I’m directing it to you!
Just because you carry yourself differently than I do don’t make you any different nor better than me!
Just because you have a degree don’t mean your actually smart! 
Just because I dropped out of college 3 times don’t mean I’m dumber than you!
Just because your prettier than me don’t mean I’m ugly!
Just because your drug free don’t mean your not a addict!
Just because I’m a addict don’t mean I’m on drugs!
Just because I’m aware of my mental illness don’t mean you don’t have one too!
Just because I’m not superstitious don’t mean some superstitions aren’t true!
Just because I’m ending this now don’t mean it’s actually done!
Just because I’d make a perfect wife don’t mean I actually want to be one!
Just because someone married you don’t mean their love for you is true!
Just because you accepted their proposal don’t mean you actually deserved the title!

~JUST BECAUSE~ Jamilah B. McCoy


  • Dec 30, 2020

  • Love this!💜

    Dec 30, 2020

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