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I wish upon a star
So many things but most of all 
I wish you were still here
Here to guide me 
To get me through all my troubled times
Make me laugh when all I can do is cry
Here to teach me 
Lead me into forgiveness 
As much as I try to my mind quits
It dismisses the thought of seeing a brighter day
It pushes away the sunshine that touches my face
The warm thoughtful things people say 
Goes into one ear then vanishes away
I ponder the day I wake up and am completely ok
To be honest I’ve always pondered that day
I ask why me why more pain every damn day
Then remember life made me this way
Nothing is ok but everything must be accepted
It’s the life of the rejected
Move on get over it put god first 
He heals all things 
Does he really sounds a lot like believing in a fairytale told 
Passed down for generations until we too pass away
I’d ask him to help me but I’ve been singing that song since the first time I felt pain
I wish upon a star you come back and guide my way
Even if it’s in a dream I need you more now than I needed you before you went away
I was lost then and needed you by my side 
Because you was here my strength was still alive 
But when they took you I completely died
I’m just waiting to be reborn 
Until then I’ll just drink this liquor and dismiss the fact that I’m completely torn! 



  • Dec 30, 2020

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