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People enraged,
the pain endured,
marking of greed.

Stolen away,
birth to poverty,
refusing sick pay.

Enslaved mankind,
they who opress,
suffer they make.

Freedom lost,
life is taken,
worthless aloft.

Imprisoned now,
with no lifeline,
everything is lost.

Innocents harmed,
homes are stolen,
people are golden.

Taken our pride,
misled their hearts,
left them betrayed.

We now do pray,
for a new way,
making new days.

Shall we survive,
or pass as memory,
left in divide.


  • White Wind Landon

    White Wind Landon

    The damage corporations built from greed is far more extensive than we realize. The depths of losing everything you own can be endless.

    Dec 30, 2020

  • Dec 30, 2020

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