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I thought I understood myself so well,
 But in the end, I didn't understand 
Anything about myself,
About my changing mood,
About my painful blood.

I tried to have a relationship,
 But in the end, 
I woke up alone - 
Losing my dreams,
Losing my naive soul. 

 I tried to find the missing pieces in others,
 But after I got to know them better,
 I didn't find anything that matched, 
And I was disappointed. 

 Then I realized that I have to accept 
Even the parts I can't understand, 
And that not everything others want from me, 
I have to accept. 

 I don't think it's so bad to be alone,
 I don't think it's that hard to be myself.
  I don't think I have to want
 Everything others want. 

 I don't think I have to be perfect and it's okay.  
I have to assume even the the worst parts of me.


  • Dec 30, 2020

  • Just thoughts. Not even in rhyme.

    Dec 30, 2020

  • So beautiful❤️🌹

    Dec 30, 2020

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