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Love isn't always about bigger house,
faster car, 
fancy stuffs, 
and so on
Love is about something chemical
Sometimes, somehow, 
It’s going to tear you apart
it’s going to break your heart
it’s going to make you cry all night
but most of all
you still believe in it
you still want to keep it
and you deep down were asking yourself
when my right one would come
when my time is come
deep down you keep questioning
and you've lived in denial
when you said you don't need love
You don't need commitment
You just want one night stand
Sometimes, somehow
You sit in the middle of night
feeling empty and devastated
nobody's real
or sometimes somehow you stopped believe in love 
and believe me 
when you pressed stop
and you take sometime for knowing yourself better
You let the world find you 
love is going to find you
with an unexpected way
it’s going to be a long journey to find it
but it’s worth it
like how I found myself in him.

Sometimes, somehow 
© Vivian Lin


  • Dec 29, 2020

  • Dec 29, 2020

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