Darker Than Pitch Black Read Count : 21

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Sub Category : Rap
Its dark
Darker than pitch black
All i wanna do is snack
And get stoned
Maybe cut myself past the bone
I feel very alone
The only ones i hurt r me and my own
Im out of my zone
Got a place to thrive but it dont feel like home
I dont want rhinstones
Fuck it i dont even want a phone
Moving towards the unknown 
Prayin for happiness to take the show
Attracted to the darkness and feeling of alone
Putin on my headphones
Wonderin what will go on my gravestone
Full blown
This feeling comes on unexcpected and unkown
Ive done several things some cant atone
Control my emotion
World still has its motion
Even if i were to drown in the ocean 
I need some kind of happiness posion
The loud in my head and commotion
Set in motion
My parents help me right my wrongs
My mom helps me write my songs 
Set my heart on fire get the tongs
Grill my soul as it flames with desire
Hit the bong
My lungs fill with marijhuana
Im gone
Fuck it im done


  • Dec 29, 2020

  • Dec 29, 2020

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