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I could be called a fool by everyone, 
Always looking for love in the same type of soul.

The lack of your feelings
 Can make me wait longer.
  And it's too late now for me 
To be recovered!

  But if I don't receive it from the person I love,
 Where is the love I'm looking for? 
 Or is love just another beautiful lie
 I've actually heard lately?
Getting numb instead all my emotions...

 Ah, I'm not lucky in love.
  At least tell me where is the love
 That everyone lives, 
Because I can only find it in movies or books,  
Or sometimes, just in my imagination, 
Or in my hidden dreams.

  I think someone can live it for free,
 Having close the person he needs. 

 I could be called a fool, especially by you,
 Always looking for love in a place
 Where there is no caress left for my broken skin.

  I don't know what I did so badly, 
I can't hide my tears and I'm drowning,
 But I pray for you to find the love
 that can keep your soul warm,
 Even if I can never get your love in return.

  I am a dumb song, 
I am a cold breeze.
I am frozen blood,
 I am none for your dreams.  

You are a dance, 
Your life is a waltz.
Your words are quoted
 For my emptiness.

Your steps fit perfectly
 Over my bleeding mouth.
Oh, I am none 
Oh, I am none for your love...


  • Dec 28, 2020

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    Dec 28, 2020

  • Dec 28, 2020

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