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My Own Future

I see the stars an the light before me.

I didn’t know what my life meant to me.

It was in my thoughts me a ordinary boy on this earth living with different life’s.

Different life’s of with different talents all combined into one, all of it just being me.

It enhance me through life being easy.

So easy to be famous an pure.

Pure to the world of all the greed cash an love towards me.

I never thought that way. 

It was always negative.

Nothing good about myself, seeing others have I don’t.

Love and a girlfriend I done hope.

That it works the same way it did for them at the school it piercing my throat.

I did not  know how I recover from all that used me.

I barely did, needed to go to therapy.

My mother was there right beside me.

With my therapists, asking me all questions sorts of questions to see if I am in  the clear.

I passed and proved I was stable, can move on back home.

Back to having a day with my family.

It days  and weeks it leading to months, 

Got me crying like a baby with a tantrum, like Grandpa the first, me getting out of bed knocked myself on the side of my head towards floor. 

Got ready, to start the morning war.

Going to school, waiting for the school bus.

It coming  here so early me just got out of my hot shower just putting on my underwear, like what the mayhem is the rush?

Say no more, I said in a thirsty matter.

Got my clothes on like lighting the flash, like it’s my last day on earth for matter.

Come bursting the door with an empty stomach.

Abandoned my fuel for the day, that used too saving me from eating school horrible breakfast.

On to making a full tune around to lock the door tight.

Then super jump my way up the huge lump of stairs ahead.

Got in my seat said good morning to the bus driver and the assistant that said to me first, so I could be respectful.

Then of last sent my butt back to bed.

I didn’t what I was dreaming.

Really didn’t care.

Just wanted to get my way out of this world to somewhere else instead.

I was waken up us there as of now to the school campus.

I waken up barely my eyes even working awake.

It was so barely, I almost had faint.

 I’ve been given something by an adult that wanted me to put in my mouth taking a bit off of it.

I soon listened, an I was awake as I better had been.

Go to sleep at a earlier time, I been told.

I nod my head, went on the stroll.

Me doing my ninja moves like in the movies, stopped me in my tracks, felt shivers down my shoulders.

I don’t know why I felt that, like something going down, an I ain’t suppose to be here.

But  I didn’t want to come here anyway.

My body and my mind behavior proved it.

So I shrugged my shoulders doing the unthinkable jukes and styles nobody gives a dang but me.

It made me rethink that seeing a huge rumble an fast footsteps coming for the love that broke my heart the female.

I yelled watch out! Saving her like a hero. She was shocked an gasped of air, the big monster killing others in the fair of his way.

Crushing them to bits.

I bruised my skin sliding across the pavement floor.

Her on top of me unharmed.

It turned around and growled.

I recognized him and knew why he was doing this.

And not only that, he wasn’t alone either.


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