In The Hardest Times Read Count : 13

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We live in the hardest times, 
Nothing seems normal.  
We avoid the path of others, 
As if we had a plague. 

 We live in the hardest times
 And no one notices.
 On TV - they only talk
 About restrictions and fears. 

 Do not dehumanize us, 
Do not turn us into animals.
We have feelings to feel them,
 Not to hide them deep inside. 

 We live in the hardest times,
 It has become difficult to survive.
We die slowly little by little, 
But no one wants to heal our pain.  

I feel like an empty bottle, 
I only have my lungs inside.
 I don't know where to go, 
Where life is better to live.

We live in the hardest times,
Oh, poor little children. 
 We live in the end of the time, 
This land has become a prison.


  • Dec 28, 2020

  • ❤️

    Dec 28, 2020

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