REVENGE OF THE DARK KNIGHT (Book#1,Chapter#26) Read Count : 15

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Fantasy
Leon came out from his car and stood up. He got a little bit injured. He looked here and there for that hood person but he saw only empty paths and broken windows buildings. Leon was trying to contact Balvin but his earphone can't got connected. Then he heared a strange voice. The voice was saying "You can't hide from me i am coming! Ha ha ha!" Leon got scared for a second. He putted out his earphone and through it. Then Leon said "I think there is a big problem! I have to see it" Then Leon walked forward. When people saw him they started screaming and running. Leon was so confused after saw this. Then a strange old lady stoped at the front of Leon. She said "Why you came back again! You were died 20 years before. Get out from this place you are not belong here. I said get out" All the people repeated the old lady's words. Leon was freaking out. All the people putted up there weapons and walked towards Leon slowly slowly slowly by saying "Get out beast! Get out beast!..." Leon was so confused his head was dizzying. Then he looked his reflection in a glass of a broken window. And that happened which wouldn't not be happened. He saw Hatrex in his reflection. Then Hetrex got full control on Leon's body. After 5 hours Mighty Knight came there and they picked up Leon and took him to the Knightarea. But Balvin stayed there. He saw a horrible destruction there. All the people were died. Only that old lady standing in them. Balvin ran towards her and said "Are you alright mother? What happened here please tell me!" Then old lady replied with "He is back! The doom of Zakandlas is back" After this old lady ran with screaming. Balvin understood that Hetrex is back 



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