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Yes, I'm fine - is that what you want me to sing? Huh! Why would I waste my time to explain? Do you ever mind to listen - do you? Or at least reconsider your decision? Do you regret that you hurt me? It's alright, I will be just fine!

I'm not complaining, I just want to make sure that you heard me - I'm just fine - and alone - is that loud enough? At least, It's my pain, have you ever felt the same? Or just pretend to feel one? Well, I would be fine - better off alone. I'm gone!

You cut me wide opened while you watching my heart bleeds. I will be fine but gone- alone and  long enough. I need to take a giant stride to the island of delight, to that end it's a garden filled with creatures that at glance feed soul with bliss and happiness. I will be there glancing my Smile, C'mon buddy, give me some hug.

I might be the reason for my own doom. I shouldn't have let loose my soul to sail such far, on this black see with end unseen. I shouldn't have convinced my soul to live for you, to act on your manuscript and sick at all cost for your attention. I shouldn't have mistaken you for a soul-mate - hell no!

It's just fine. It's just me and my pain. I will shoulder the weight and pretend it's Okay, right? I have come to learn something about 'love' and 'life' no matter how close or inseparable you appear to be, you will never feel the same!(in both joy and pain) never! It's a pretentious world where the pain cure itself, also the wound or the bruise in itself heals up - each on his own.

Yes, they say, a true cure of a pain is in the pain itself. So, it's painful you broken my heart to pieces but, it is more unbearable, my cure, is to adopt and live outside your world - just for me. But, I cannot help, I still heart you, IDIOT!



  • Dec 27, 2020

  • Dec 27, 2020

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