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Mother- the first word spoken,
 Mother - the first step taken.  
Mom, the lesson I'm learning from, 
Mom, the person I can't forget over time. 

 Mother, the first tear of happiness, 
Mother the protective hand of my life.  
Mother, holy name.
Mother, the thoughts with which
 I build my place at home.  

Mom, forgive me, 
For the things I didn't know,
 For the things I didn't feel, 
For the things I didn't learn.

  Mother, the icon of my soul,
 Mother the place I always return to.
  Mother is the beginning of a new life, 
Mother has arms that can protect my dreams. 

 A mother's voice echoes 
Across the valleys,
 When she calls her children
 To her chest, at her table.

Mother forgive me for the things that upset you,
Mother forgive me, please forgive me,
 For every tear that flowed
 From my fault over your lips.  

Mom, forgive me, 
Please forgive me, mom.
Mom, my best friend.
  Mom, the best teacher I could have.


  • Dec 27, 2020

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    Dec 27, 2020

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