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Pandora’s box opened. 6 Our eyes claim oblivion. 7 Amidst delusions of freedom 8 And hollow, graphic realities— 9 We often seek fleeting lapses of passion. 11 How, isn’t clear, if loves apart of the shame? 12 False identities juxtaposed with heredity; 13 Our hero’s lie, fortune tenders the privy trope. 13 Plastic and steel keep us in bondage, awhile 12 Ink on paper seal truth more than idealism and hope 15  Value is waxed with bloodstains and tears of children. 12 Hidden behind the drapes, seeds bloom the everlasting fate of power. 17  Peer through the transparent sanctum; 8  Praise the marble gods, and reap the violets and lilies; 14  Swallow the doves and pierce the sky; 8 Poison the fountain, and defile the ephemeral eden. 16  Eager to manifest our desires we forget that dust dresses us all. 20  Enveloped in dreams—  cascaded hedonisms; 12 Our sins swim in flesh and gold. 8 Put on pillars to be bought 7 The prologue of nature is sold. 8 By minds that wear abuse and with bellies filled with mold. 13  Death’s wish delivers zealously. 8 We are the cursed ones. 5  

*The numbers represent the syllables for each line.*
 Add the numbers either: 1+1+1+2 or 11+12, then add the sum’s numbers like: 1+1+2, and you will get the sum of 10. 


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