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December 27th 2020.... a few more days to go before we close this year, and what an eventful year it has been! 

Amidst all the pandemonium and chaos, the heartbreak and sorrow, the struggles and misfortunes, I was still hopeful. I still held on tight to my faith in God Almighty, trusting Him to shed some light in this dark time. 

And He did. 
He brought me You. 

I'm feeling things I've never felt before. The way I hear your smile in your voice when you talk to me on the phone, the playful way you tease me, the way you laugh and sigh.... it sometimes makes me wonder if this is reality. The way you twirl me through your texts, the way you polish my crown from afar, the way you hold me in your arms through time and space, the way you make my soul feel safe.... Baby, I'm a whole different person when I'm with you. 

make me feel some type of way
that I haven't felt before. 
My knees get weak, 
my heart skips a beat, 
a full body sensation, 
like a drug running through my veins.... 
every cell craving you. 
And every night, 
burning through the hours talking.... 
I don't wanna hang up. 
I could stay awake just to hear you breathing. 
I'm caught in these feelings with you. 
I promise you I'm not insane
there's something about you that I can't explain. 
You light me up, 
you make me feel that I am enough. 
Across the ocean, across the sea, 
over the mountains, across the sky, 
for you.... 
I would wait a thousand years
to be in your arms, holding my heart. 

I have searched my whole life for you. And now that I've finally found what I've been looking for.... what now? 
What's next in store? 
Are you going to remain as just someone very important in my life and that's it? 
Will I get to live a life with you the way I had envisioned in my mind? 

So many questions but no definite answer, at least not yet. The uncertainty of not knowing would have made me crazy once upon a time ago, but today.... I am fine with not knowing, for now. I am fine with accepting that you will be what you were meant to be to me as per what's planned by Him. 

To me, the fact that my prayers have been answered; that I have found what I've been looking for, is already a huge blessing. Not many people are that lucky. 

When I found you, I found somebody who cares. 
When I found you, I found my most intimate prayer. 
When I found you, I found what every heart dream of.... 
When I found you, I found love. 

When I found you, I found the rest of my life. 
When I found you, I told all others goodbye. 
When I found you, I saw my fears fly away like a dove.... 
When I found you, I found love. 

When I found you, I found my fate in your arms. 
When I found you, I found no cause for alarm. 
When I found you, I knew this love was a gift from above.... 
Coz Baby, when I found you, I found love.


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