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My Identity. 
Who am I?
What kind of person am I?
What do I stand for?
What do I want?
What is my purpose?
Why am I here?
A few of these questions- I know the answer to, but the rest...
These questions cause for a great deal of confusion.

You know... Now that I think about it. 
I feel like an empty vessel.
Absorbing and storing information.

It is scary. It's like a rotting fear inside me.

I'm scared.

I don't like it.

And in a queer way... It hurts.
The hurt is odd. The hurt tastes like metal. It taste like tin. It's a weird kind of hurt. 

Ciel doesn't like this hurt.

I hit my chest- and I could almost swear I heard an echo. 
It was hollow- the sound


  • Dec 25, 2020

  • Dec 25, 2020

  • Very good written

    Dec 25, 2020

  • Dec 25, 2020

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