I Dont Count Sheep Read Count : 17

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Rap
Im broken and dead
Migriane in the head
I try to sleep
 but i dont count sheep
I count wut i couldve changed 
To save someone and not cause them pain
I cpunt the problems and mistakes
Wishing this morning i had made pancakes
For my friends and family 
I try to live life happily
I continuously become paralyzed
From anxiety on the inside 
I think about wut i couldve done 
Maybe i wouldnve been shuned
I tire myself out
From these continuous thoughts
Until i pass out
I couldve fought
The darkness inside thinks im a toy
It plays with my happiness and my joy
Stealing the feelings from every breathe i exhale
Life is a prison which is way worse than jail


  • Dec 25, 2020

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