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I live through your shadow,
Among my thoughts.
I follow you everywhere,
Even in the deepest caves.

  I'm under your skin,
I feed by old sick memories.
  When you sit near the window,
I become the third smoke
Of your scented cigarette.

I see you through the eyes
Of the birds I made you sing to you.
  I sit on your eyelash,
But I go blind every time
You keep your brown eyes closed -
Missing you baby, even for a second.

You find me in the written thoughts
You throw in the trash -
After you change your mood,
Your style, your heart, your life.

I'm under the thunder
That makes the clouds cry.
I'm under the shade of the tree,
Under which you become remedy.

I live under the last drop of sun
That warms your heart.
I live under the last leaf
That guides your steps back to my life.

  I live in the dark
Because I gave you the light.
I live hidden myself because
You can't see me in this life.


  • Dec 24, 2020

  • Dec 24, 2020

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