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Today, like those old good days , the term gender equality is often misconstrued to mean feminism. This has been a month of sundays since 1890s in europe and the western Hemisphere and up to this modern time, the term feminism and gender equality remain unclear.

Where do we always got it wrong?

Lucid descriptions has been made in the feminist utopean literatures( check Donna Haraway 1980) on how gender equality and feminism part ways. They all claim to fight for 'equality' though. Perhaps the misconception lies within the word 'equality' that both the parties claim to pursue. But, equality to whom? And in which sense? I will explain, i promise.
Before then, it is indispensable to know that, the feminist movement and ideology is in itself differs, confuses and overlaps based on their claims and strategies believe to achieve EQUALTY. For instance;

The radical feminist Sought freedom and privileges of feminine while, to them, equality is undesirable or extraneous.
Whereas, Spiritual feminist and Ecofeminism sought only equity than finding ways to place the feminine on top... Matriarchy- so to say.

While on the flip side, Chinaca feminism movement fight for female and lesbian equality. It challenges the role of gender stereotype. And many more.

Therefore, despite their differences in claims and strategies, feminism of whatever sort is women-centered, women-celebratory in it's onslaught on male. Whereas gender equality is advocating for both sexes's right. I hope this is plainly clear!

Let it not be concluded that  I wish to invert the order of things, women and men are naturally different and each is unique in their idiosyncrasies. So, it's for no reason women have to be like men to be equal to men. We only need equality in socio-economic and political opportunities.
Let's, in the words of Mary Wollstonecraft ( the author of the book- Vindication of the right of woman) entreat ourselves to assist to emancipate ourselves, lets make ourselves a more observant Daughters and Sons, More affectionate Brothers and Sisters, more faithful Wives and Husbands, more reasonable Mothers and Fathers - in a word, better citizens!  

Nazir M. Suleiman.


  • Dec 26, 2020

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