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We sit together, huddled together in a space.  

Two prayer mats.

Cramped in my small bedroom.

We've prayed in my bedroom for as long as I've remembered. All of us. 
Three prayer mats, two of which are randomly picked, we pray on.

Blood red - crimson? 
The Emerald Green mat 
And the one- midnight blue- splendidly blue, in all its grace. My favorite prayer mat.

We finish.

We pray for eachother: "God will bless us"
"God will make us shine amongst our enemies" 

"Ameen"s are chanted, by us all. I say "Ameen" to every prayer.

"God will grant each of us long life." I didn't say 'Ameen' to this one. I never have. 

I don't think I want a long life, but I feel it's wrong to pray to God for death, so I don't.

I'm not suicidal- by any means.
But... I silently wish I don't live very long.

I don't know why.


  • Dec 24, 2020

  • Dec 24, 2020

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    Dec 24, 2020

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