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I thought you could be the person 
who would understand me, and now 
I don’t believe you anymore, you have 
to say to me, I don’t have feeling for you” 
however I still can see the sign of behavior 
within you I’m overwhelmed by you stab me 
in the heart mess with my head, all I want to scream in pain in the rainstorm every memory 
replay in my mind like an old film, you took the risk being with me in a relationship and look what bring us where we are right now. 
I’m overwhelmed by you 
never know this has happened to us 
this was my first experience being with you 
and now, this is our ending being with each other before I had met you 
never experienced in a relationship 
and had many friends, but just a few 
I had suffered an illness since three-year-old 
including had two surgeries, and had been 
discriminated by both of my parent’s family cousins even had been teased before and, this happens can you stop doing this to me? I want to hold onto you, can we just go back we used to be? Now both of us overwhelmed by each other, but we have to communicate and open up to one another how could do that? If both of us won’t share our feelings with each other what is the point being together? Can we be we used to be when we first met each other? I know you give me many chance to be better being with you and I give you many chance to get to know me better, do you remember not known everything about me when we first met? 
If moving on is the key to have you back 
into my life again, then I will move on from you 
if I feel want to found another person I will find someone who just like you and have, like the things as you of course I will move on if that never happened, I’m not going to give any guys opportunities to have me and be single rest of my life. 


  • Dec 22, 2020

  • Dec 22, 2020

  • Jan 06, 2021

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