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hold onto our memories like the 25 cent packs of pop rocks at the gas station

you can get 4 for $1 

10 for $2.50 

either way you can take as many packs 

no matter the cost in mind 

you sit on the swing at the elementary playground, watch as the sun goes to rest 

you can take them out as you please, a different flavour or colour as you like 

the moment they hit the top of your tongue you’re reminded 

you feel excitement in your taste buds 

and exploding sweetness 

the crackle of a smile turned laughter

the pop of a kiss once our lips separate 

you remind me of blue raspberry 

irreplaceable moments are like rock candy 

indulging in so many 

in what seems like a short amount of time 

and i’ve been on a sugar high because of you this entire ride 



  • Dec 21, 2020

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