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Category : Poems

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Cool water
breeze blowing through the fall leaves
I am swaying
a palm tree in a hurricane wind
All progress at a standstill
feet sinking like an anchor in the ocean
chest caving under the weight of my thoughts
I am paralyzed
a terrified prey in the arms of my predator
lips stinging my flesh with poison pricks
eyes aglow with a devilish flame
Motionless in time
Ominous sky
stars dancing around the radiant moon
I am crying
a lonely heart in a dark room, a faint beat
hands reaching for the sky searching for an answer
knees aching with no means to an end
All progress at a standstill 
Ravenous earth
life forces leeching your soul hollow
I am empty
a black hole, empty abyss of chaos in the night
head hanging like a noose from a tree
body trembling, bones of glass made to be broken. 


  • Dec 20, 2020

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