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The second day I walked into the C building 
at this college joined in, the Christianity group 
we were played a draw and guessing game afterwards, you were behind me opened the door. I was focus on what I was doing not follow 
the direction of the game, until you grab a chair and sat next to me. Softly touched my left hand 
I turned around saw, you in person my heart beat rapidly, at first didn’t knew you had fallen in love with me. Gradually we become friend with each other and talked about things in common 
about the month, your love for me got stronger each time is, the way I talked to you through text. Before Halloween, you open up what you 
felt about me and I had the same feeling as you, 
ask me out on a first date, my smile was bright as a sunlight. My true love and I went to factoria 
at a Japanese restaurant called Genki Sushi, on the next day we talked with each other about being in a relationship with each other, there few times our chemistry of love were control by them. I’m the heavy stone weight you down that how, your romantic feeling changed however your behavior and the way you mention my name while talking to me, it’s say something the opposite what you were saying to me, it’s stab me in the chest. I don’t like when you behave like that toward me, never know how hurt I am 
red stain oozed out of my body, the lip color of my lip turn white as snow. Only you could say a magic word to make me go back alive, if you don’t say it to me I’m shattered into a thousand pieces 
under my grave and nowhere to be seen, winter come my memory will haunt you day and night 
make you have a painful sleepless night, my voice in your ears and things I had given you look at you like everybody in Chi Alpha including, both of your closest friends hurt you mentally in the world without me, what do you feel not having me beside you? There would be nobody will help you and nobody at all, your family members will not help you either, until you realize what you did and change your mistakes. I’m very expensive like your necklace I have given you, if you think the necklace is precious, and you should 
treat me like your necklace, now it’s too late for you to have me. 


  • Dec 19, 2020

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