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If I found love what would I do
Remember how I found it so I'd never lose.
Keep it safe from heartbreak for sure.
If i found love knocking at my door.
If I found love I would make a great escape cause love broke my heart and so much more. So many chances is what love affords. Comes with many faces in life of course. I now know where I found love. it was in everything I wanted throughout my life. Doesnt last forever unless you can find. A place for unconditional love cause it gets sore. love includes heartbreak that's part of the lore. in the Promises we make to not fall short. If I find love, I'll wonder what for. When it leaves I'll keep my stake what I invest I'll get back so much more. If I find love....who is it for???


  • Nov 04, 2020

  • Nov 04, 2020

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