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As we usually do, calling unto one another
I wasn't ready to follow, as i had other plans
But, the girl with the loudest voice won't let me
Nafi! Nafi!! Nafi!!!!!!!

My brother had eyes on one of the girls
He hurriedly went in to prepare
Reluctantly, I went for my rope
As my sister pulled me along.

We fight over groundnut, on our way to the bush
The journey far, the fun on the way won't let us mind
Those coming from the farm waved at us
The sands on the road turns out legs to white.

Alas! We arrived at the firewoods hunting forest
Seperated ourselves waiting on who will emerge the first
Have safeguard some woods with my scarf
While I walked into the deep of the forest for more woods.

We all seem far from ourselves, the air kept our voices on echo
I saw this thick and dried wood, hanging on the tree
The one that brings out fire not smoke
I touched the wood, look like it was tied to the tree.
As i dragged for loose
Behold, I disturbed the bees from rest
They feasted on my head
As a fresh mad woman would do, i off my cloth.

My orange tree seeds were just forming round
In a blink others came to my rescue
My firewoods was shared within them
While we take our leave from the forest
I got home with a swollen face....



  • Nov 03, 2020

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