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My heart beats for the man on the other side
Good at expressing love in words
Often speaks about how he cherished my body
Never care on what i do to maintain it
His words and actions walks in opposite direction
Squeezed heartbreak in cup and bid me to gulp.

On the journey of loneliness, I met this fair to look upon man
Speaks much on how he adores me
Devotee of mine!
A gentleman carrying listening ears
His company is as soothening as tranquilliser
However, i wanted to reciprocate his good deed.

He alone was in the house
Called me over for dinner
I'm the worst alcohol taster
Had fun till I forgot how fast time moves
Too late to walk on the narrow streets
The way he cares was nothing from this earth.

Prayers said! Light went out
He woke me up from sleep
Asking for my help in solving manly nature calls
I let him, i know he's not an opportunist
Never do i like it, made him believe its pleasurable
I gave him my body not my heart
My heart still beats for the man on the other side.


  • Nov 02, 2020

  • Nov 02, 2020

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