The Missing Dollar Bill Read Count : 20

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Sub Category : Adventure
When Shane was a little fellow he remembered going to visit his great-grandmother, Dorothy, who was his grandfather's mother. His great grandmother was very sick at the time and the doctors weren't expecting her to make it very much longer. During the time of his visit with his great mother, he remembered her giving him a one dollar bill. He told her thank you, then shane handed the dollar to his grandfather, Harold. Shane's Grandfather put the dollar in his wallet. Later on, that evening after spending time with the family, Shane's family returned home. Shane asked his grandmother if she would write on the dollar who it was to and then who it was from that way when he got older he would have it to remember his great grandmother. Shane's grandmother Bonnie jotted down on the dollar bill. Then she handed the dollar to him. Shane gave the dollar bill back to his grandfather for safekeeping. Harold put the dollar back in his wallet. Shane's Grandfather was a chain smoker. Harold smoked one cigarette after another. One day he ran out of cigarettes and went to the store to buy a pack. When Harold was reaching for his wallet and went to pull the amount that he owed for the pack of cigarettes. He made the mistake of pulling out the dollar that his mother gave to his grandson Shane to pay with the amount that he owed for the cigarettes. Shane's grandfather Harold never knew he spent Shane’s dollar until one-day Shane Grandmother received a telephone call from a family member named Debbie. She told Shane's Grandmother that her husband Elvis had something that Shane might be interested in. Debbie went on to explain that Elvis had received a dollar from buying something at the store and the dollar had writing on it. Debbie told Bonnie that the dollar had written on it to Shane from Grandma Morrison. Elvis was nice enough to let Shane have the dollar back. It's doesn't happen very often that the dollar that has been given to someone in a very special way and then spent by mistake makes it way back to the person it belongs to. Shane was a very happy little boy in the end. 


  • Nov 02, 2020

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