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A Six letter word
Yet it holds a different vibe.
A feeling I can't Express fully,
Yet I tried
The way my face lights up,
At the sight of this beautiful sunset.
I look into the sky
The banks of yellow sea,
and blurred ships of orange gently toss by
And a wonderful colour mingles in the sky.
Birds are silent in their respective nest.
Different kind of peace lingers in the air
And I hear humming voices of people as they pass by
I stand there mesmerized by the sight above me,
A wave of calmness surrounding me.
Warm-chilly air hugging my skin
I stand there embracing the warmth
Sun is bestowing upon me
Before heading towards west.
I'm in my own world unaware what's happening around me.
And within matter of seconds,
The sun set late;
Making his way along the west
Gold starts fading into dark blue
Chilly air starts threatening me.
I look around to find people hurrying their steps,
And I make my way into the hurried steps.


  • Oct 31, 2020

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    Oct 31, 2020

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    Nov 01, 2020

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