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Lost in the mind of her brain 

The wind blew so tranquil, the leaves on the trees rustled quietly, and the weeds that had grown so alpine; the breeze carried the small dandelion tufts effortlessly  through the heavens of nature's breath. Sitting in the open field with the sun glistening down on her pearly skin illuminating her skin making her skin illuminate like a peaches skin, a shadow casts itself upon her face; leaving the green grass to illustrate a drawing of her beautiful physiognomy. There she sat honoring the ancient nature that surrounds her, and the air that she grasped with her lungs detoxed her whole body relieving her of the tightly clenched grasp that wraps around her throat and holds her in a hypnotic trance,  she opens her honey brown eyes, they glow with golden brilliance. 

The grass under her hand-feeds her the warmth of the memorial history that stains the ground with all the biographies that rise with the present; with the time and history evolution has conceived biologically constructs the beauty of nature,  and in the moments when sitting listening to nature like it’s a beautiful violin-piano song echoing through the woods. Looking around memorizing the mesmerizing scenes; that God has blessed us with. She sits with her knees against her chest with her head laying on her arms, filled with sorrow her emotions run like feral animals through her mind. Her mind grew sick, with a virus of her mind. She sat sobbing and her eyes bled tears onto her pants. She lifted her head and looked up to the sunset sky the clouds as soft as cotton, sailing through the sky all over the world. The sun shined so brightly the tear from her eye, an illuminating tear glided down her face with the color of a sunset crystallized in time. The sky slowly turned to the color blue disclosing the message that the beautiful darkness of night was going to prevail, With a night sky full of tiny diamonds filled with hope shining guiding her way. She rose to her feet; the silent shining lights of hope above her head, and with one large light glowing with luminous fury foreshadowing her shadow against the trees. The night prevailed the hidden monstrosities which haunt the night. As she roams through the ill-fated woods where every crunch of a twig sends an electrifying shock through all her nerves, her legs shaking with fear, her pulse crashing like boulders crashing against each other. As she looked up the moon gazed back at her making her skin that vampire skin white along with her heart going cold. Her breath emanated in the moon's light, and as she continued her ill-guided trek; the moon chased her silhouette. After cautiously roaming through the woods she came upon a run-down shack, the wood grey and aged the walls brittle like glass. She found the doorway to the old run-down shack and when she opened the door a light shined brighter than the sun the inside had a short cobble tunnel leading further into the light; vines grew from the top of the tunnel, she gently ran her hands through the vines. Giving her the feeling of life flowing through the vines like the blood flowing through her veins and arteries. The quiet occasional drip echoed through the tunnel. She continued her journey through the tunnel. The tunnel was getting warmer as she came closer to the light. Then the light faded, and it became cold;  the only light that was able to be seen was further on into the tunnel, when she finally came to the light, it was none other than the hopeful light of a candle. She picked up the candle and continued to walk further and further until she reached the end; where she was entrapped by a cobble wall. She shined the light right and left in the left direction; the tunnel continued; the light was restored; the bitter cold dissolved like a dissipating wave. As she kept walking through the tunnel the light got brighter and brighter, she held her hand over her eyes to reject the light; then the sound of a person's voice penetrated into my hearing; the sounds of nature spread louder and louder the sound of birds singing, the sound of leaves and grass blowing through and along with the wind. The presence of a person blurred into her vision, it was someone who looked familiar as she walked closer; she saw the backside of her head and she knew it was her best friend. She ran to her with such excitement filled with those feelings like finally I’m rescued, finally someones here for me, when she approached the figure of her friend, she called out her name and no response she finally yelled her name as loud as she could, but still no response, not even and acknowledgment from her friend. she collapsed to her knees with tears bleeding from her eyes, she rose to her feet again, and walked slowly behind her friend; she lifted her hand and placed it on her best friend's shoulder she stood solemnly behind her watching her take a picture of the beautiful sunset blended sky, she hugged her best friend without her acknowledgment; her best friend sat down under an old oak tree surrounded with yellow flowers that stand enclosing the beautiful soul that sits remembering the divine memories that built over the years, each memory grows new delightful flowers that flourish when life writes a memoir of all the beauty that was born all through her life. She is roaming in an insipid husk of her spirit body. she paces back and forth in front of her best friend, snarling and muttering under her breath watching her as she stares off looking into the tempting sunset, she continues to mutter under her breath “ LOOK AT ME I'M HERE”!!!!

She then sits down in front of her best friend and videotapes her best friend’s every detail from her beautiful eyes to the atmospheric shift that arises when she walks upon the earth. She continues to record everything like it’s her last moment together, she lays her hand on the ground and her heart begins to fracture, her body begins to shiver with sadness watching her friend stare right through her like a ghost. She looked up at her best friend again and her best friend stared right in her direction, a shock wave of tremors gushed through her gut like a high voltage jolt all through her body. As she stares at her best friend her eyes flooded with tears. She felt like her best friend was staring right into a phantom of her soul. There she sits looking into her best friend's eyes, in that moment the feeling of pain, anguish, and agony of surrendering beat her further into the ground, deeper and deeper. At the moment she realized she had to keep striving, she had to wake up,  and dig deep. She memorized everything their faces and held onto the vision of being with them again, having the ability to feel the feeling of air chill her cheek, let the tall grass graze against her arm, to be able to glean upon the sounds of the voices, instead of those moments, those small moments you get to hear those voices, the feeling of her heart thumping in her chest, the feeling of warm skin glowing in the flare of the sun, glowing the warm pink of life again, she came to her feet she crossed her arms telling herself internally fight you cannot stop, you cannot submit to defeat you can't let it dig you deeper. This is your time to rise. While she stood her. A gush of hope ran wild through her legs causing her to run through the field through the tall grass and flowers. While running she found herself near a pine tree she slowed herself and walked the downhill path to fighting to get to where she wanted, but she just wasn’t there yet the adrenaline raced through her veins eating away at any calm left gushing through in her body, she was running out of time, as she walked further down the away from the pine tree the sound of a brook flowing flowed into her ears, as she approached closer the stream prevailed a beautiful seascape, she stared deeply into the pure blue water, it flowed so peacefully is was like the mountain was crying holy water from the deep ancient caverns left internally sacred to the people. As she followed the stream down the hill she can to the end. Where all the water flowed into the pond a waterfall with green vines hovered under where the earth was gently pouring the water.The sound of the water landing in the pond was a light thunderless storm with the rain falling peacefully. She walked around the waterfall where she could see a wooden door plastered into the wall of the rock waterfall. She carefully crossed over to the door where the water dripped silently. After examining the door she tried to push the door open but it wouldn’t budge, she quickly searched for a key and found nothing, again another moment of worry, she is running out of time soon, she gets back up again and kicks the door it still will not budge what does this mean for her next, what is behind that door that is making her want to fight, making her want to keep going, it's the vision of being able to feel the fall air breeze chill her to the bone, the vision of fighting to stay alive for the people she loves. The vision of keeping them alive, so she fights and fights. She kicks the door in and finally, the door unveils darkness, jet black darkness, fear entraps her heart, she takes a step in, as she's walking through the room silence dead silence tangles with her, everything was dark until something lit up from a distance it was like the same light, but it was moving further away almost like it as guider her, like an angel she continued to follow the light then the light halted allowing for her to catch up, she started to run when she got closer it proceeded to a motion on forward then the light dissipated like a dimming light. She kept going through total darkness then when she made is further down the tunnel, hallway, or elongated room a light began to shine again, blessing her with direction, her Lord was raising her up, she kept walking further on deeper and deeper into the tunnel this time there was no sound not even the sound of her shoes echoed. Nothing but the slight sound of a thump began to grow, it grew louder and faster like the thumping of a racing heart then it came to a standstill, She persevered through the silence and roamed silently as a lost soul stuck on earth walking along those who share the aura of life. Walking with those who have blood surging through their veins. But when she walked along with those people that came to a halt when she woke up in this heaven with the mazes to wander to, to go back to the place full of life, where the flowers flourish and the grass grows and dies like the same human moral cycle. When one is born and one moves on, some become entrapped in their own world of self battle going through all of this to fight so hard. Fighting and fighting to that endpoint where we can just give up for some time to be weak. A time and place of fortitude. Time to enjoy nature's inspirations. While she enjoyed how peaceful this minded world was she knew she couldn’t stay, it wasn't her time to become stuck, she had to wake up. Those two words screamed from inside her mind wake up! Wake up! You need to wake up!. As she continued walking down through the tunnel grew into more of a room the room was space black, not even a star could light the room as she walked further into the darkness the cold haunted her as a spellbound soul trapped, then she stopped the coldness became so cold and bitter it numbed her body she felt like everything wasn’t real walking felt so paralyzing. But as the coldness numbed her body, a pain spread like an infection running rapidly it was like her brain was firing impulses of shock waves throughout her body. She was nerveless, her body stood still stiff like a corpse. But the pain still remained like someone had thrown a spear through the middle of her body. She stood motionless, her brain brews a storm from deeply within where no one can shatter the glass brain that encapsulates the viruses of her mind, he brain has ever experienced the excitement without the neurosis that releases panic, as she stands motionless feeling every ounce of pain that overwhelms her body, it’s almost like her body fails her. A tear bleeds from her eye but after feeling paralyzed in pain she finds the lion-hearted nerve to move, to fight, to breathe. She drops down to the ground the pain has grown so agonizingly shill, she wants to give up, she just doesn't want to fight anymore, but deep down the mental image of her family together rips her from the evil clutches of melancholy and hopelessness, because deep down in the blood of her internal rivers she knows she has to wake up, she has to keep going, she can’t let the pain wither her away to dust. To keep going, to keep moving she has to leave the history of the pain and hurt all behind here. So she begins to proceed through the darkness, with the relentless chronic, internal pain that seizes her body. Provoking her to hold her gut grimacing through the pain, slowly but surely she makes her way through this darkness of the room she sees what looks like sunlight, when she walks through the warm glowing light she finds herself surrounded by the essence of nature. She finds herself standing on a path leading one way, stones lined the path. The wisps of grass divide the path into two sections. The muffled sound of the trees rustling with the wind. She observes the anatomy of the woods, from the bright blood red cardinal sitting on a branch guiding her way to the fallen trees on the ground. As she stands in the sun's rays of light suddenly she feels her pain begins to decline. But as she steps out of the light the pain stuns her to her feet, internal she imagines the death-defying guilt of giving up and dying on her feet and not going down without a fight, going out swinging, fighting even when it feels inevitable, fighting to the last working neuron firing like a bullet to make sure she gave them hell and made them see she doesn’t give up, not even when she bleeds does she give up because her brain, her perplexing mind shoots her down she still rises. As she looks around the sound of something dripping echos from off a rock she, she walks to find the dripping when she looks down to see a trail of blood that has chased after her; she then gazes with fear and fury at her blouse the color of the bodies liquid gold spewed and pulsated down her shirt to her leg. Her body went limp, she dropped to the ground holding her hand to the fountain of liquid gold that was pouring from her body, the feeling of shaking and disorientation walked over her. She lays her head on the ground and slowly locks her eyelids shut. And drifts away into a deep coma. She had fallen into her slumber seconds ago but a voice from inside her mind roared to her telling her to wake up. It wailed louder, WAKE UP,WAKE UP !! 

Her eyes shot open, the pain still growing more intense. She crawls over to a small tree and begins to pull herself up again looking at her hand liquid gold was spilling out faster than she could hold it. At this moment everything she experienced was all the pain in her life. The clash of the bull’s horns always chased her all her life leaving her feeling as though she wouldn’t be able to outrun the pain. But this is her moment that agonizing ache tells her she is alive, that pain shows her there is still a fighting chance to live. And outlive the pain. This is her time to pull herself up with her bloody hand and walk that path through whatever hell life is going to shoot her way as she stumbles up the path through the rock-covered road she wallows upon a barn she drags her weak body to the old shack, she enters the shack and collapses to the floor where she begins to leave her mind not her body but her mind, she goes to a place when she remembers all the best time she spends with her best friend the time they spend laughing walking through the halls of their old school together they walk the blank halls laughing, crying, and loving. She stands with her best friend and her smile of love and laughter fades into a grimacing pain, a tear departs from her eye. Looking at the beautiful person she would be leaving behind she looks at her sister and says with such guilt, “i’m sorry I’m going to leave you.” her sister gently places her hand on her shoulder, her hand slowly sails to her heart; she looks at her best friend that she calls a sister, and prevails a command that she must return to the living world where everything, and everyone blooms and blossoms into someone stronger. Her best friends again looked into her soul and commanded her to conquer this hellish fight and Wake up. She gasped with shock, the shock delivered from her sister was so striking that it summoned her back into her mind again where her brain started to fester violent thoughts like a virus in her brain, like monsters chasing her from the inside. She heaved herself back to her feet she then withdrew herself from the old shack and looked around for another path, but there was no path in the site, internally she studied the idea of creating her own passage to fight her way back to the life-filled world and escape, the enticing mind warped world she has become entrapped in.  She observes the woods around her, she looks down and her wound starts to fade she gazes in amazement, she takes a moment to embrace the miracle wonder that just appeared,  but she has to keep persisting and, fighting her way out of her mind that has trapped her; But the rush of crimson headache ate away at her brain, the viruses of her brain destroy the glowing neurons of her mind of fire and then a mysterious dull sound of a thump echoed from her chest she intuitively placed her hand on her chest and felt her heart thump for the first time she feels her heartbeat the strong thump of human passion to flourish and thrive to survive through the time of her fervid battle life mortality to keep going spread through her like a wildfire burning like an ember from within her soul, in her time of hardship she prays and prays to her God praying to come back reborn, brave, iron-willed and, powerful. Praying for the strength to go on, as she kneels down onto the floor of God’s kingdom where magnificent angelic artistry that God blessed her with the painting of beauty, hope and that there is light at the end of the tunnel that she has continuously been on a journey to keep going. she persevered to keep preying, the dirt that lays on the ground, injects the natural strength and hope of her ancestors into her soul, she grabbed a hand full of the dirt and she clenched tight between her hands, squeezing the dirt in her hand she gently opened her hand letting the earthy soil fall from her hand and fall onto God’s land. She grew to her feet and stood tall she began to walk slowly on a path that grew as ah she followed the passageway, like a map granted by God himself, as she continued farther down the path a glowing. She took a moment to enjoy the heavenly sky, it was painted with a sunset glow realizing that the darkness would soon consume her she, keeps walking she feels the thump of her heart slow and soften. Coldness overtakes her body. The ground beneath her feet becomes frosted she keeps walking in the darkness, soon to be guided by the Lord’s Lantern that lights her way through the night. After hours of walking, she soon realizes that she is lost, it’s so dark now it’s like being lost in space, the moon was dimmed losing light like a fading candle. She stops and looks around. What lies within the darkness comes alive, all the many things that hold her captive lurk in the midnight twilight. All her thoughts become characters that slither through the night where the spirits come out to play when all the lost people come to try and find an ounce of life to feel again. She looked around to see the white ghostly apparitions of the lost souls roaming the paths of the woods. The sound of ringing echoed through the forest. The ringing twisted into the sound of a million voices trying to speak at once. All the voices swarmed in her brain like a nest of angry bees but, the voices began to subside and one voice stood out, shouting from afar explaining “ follow my voice, don’t let them drag you into their world keep going.” she looked around looking for a light but the only light to be seen was the luminescence emanating from the lost souls wandering the woods. She closed her eyes and envisioned a guiding light hoping to help guide her way out of her brain’s spirit world. When she unlocked her eyes from her vision she started to jog through the darkness, she started to run faster the crunch of the frosted ground and frosted leaves rustle as she ran. As she kept running she saw the blue glowing light prevailing from a dead tree it  looked like a portal. The blue colors swirled like a tornado from the dead tree. As she approached the portal she felt her heart rate increase like she was being brought back to life; she no longer felt the pain of being lost. She stepped closer into the portal and walked through like walking into a doorway. When she stepped through the dead tree it led  her back to her home, the place where her family was, the place where her best friends were, her home where everyone who loved her was. As she stepped through it was like stepping into heaven, a place where the grass was green, the lakes were crystal clear and the trees were so colorful with the diversity of the people that were there. She was met by someone she didn’t even know, she stood and asked,

     ” where is my family”?  

The person answered, 

      “They are here but not here yet” .

 She looked at the person and said, 

       “ I need to get to them, they are going to be lost           without me”

 the person smiled and commanded, 

“Come come here, and I will show you your way home”. 

She slowly walked to the person the person said, 

“You don’t know me, but I know you;and I know another thing.” 

She responded,

    “ what”? 

they both stopped walking they stood in the top of a barn loft where the view came to life, the person looked at her and said,

    “ you're Looking for your family,and you want to find them, right” ? 

She looked at her guide and said with sorrow, 

    “ Yes, yes I want to go back to them I want to be with them again.” 

Her guide came close and placed her hand on her chest and asked, 

  “Do you feel that”? 

She nodded to her guide.

Her guide exclaimed

   “ do you know what I feel “? 

She answered, 

“No, what do you feel”? 

Her guide smiled and said, 

   “ life, I feel life bleeding from your chest I feel the thump from beneath your chest. I feel the high that I once had that you should be feeling.” 

Her guide demanded that she look at the view and commanded her to look at her, when both locked eyes. Her guide said the words that would send shock waves through her spine. 

Her guide pushed on her chest and said, 

     “ you  need to wake up” 

Shock waves pulsed through every microscopic neuron in her body,  paralyzing her. Her vision went black, the faint sound coming into her hearing was of a voice that said, 

      “ if you find yourself feeling scared just pray alright God Has got you, He’s always there for you.” 


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