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Last night I had a very random dream. I was walking out from the school building with my best friend Alena, and I got on the bus and dtarted listening to my music, per-usual. As my bus driver is getting closer to my bus-stop, he speeds up a bit and completely passes the stop. Then he pulls straight into my driveway  and said "It's easier this way." So I get off the bus, and then I see one of my two siberian huskies, Loki, standing in the middle of my open garage, as if he was waiting for me. It frightened me a bit, knowing that he could run out at any time, so I ran into the garage and guided him inside. Then I closed the garage door, and went inside as well. I walk into the house to see my shocked grandmother laying on the couch just staring at me. She was confused on my bus getting to the stop so early and how I got home so fast. So I told her about the bus driver pulling straight into the driveway, and about Loki in the open garage, and she said okay and started ranting about how my school needs to buy computers. Which was completely irrelevant especially given the fact that my school has already bought over 5-600 chromebooks for every student throughout COVID. I told her that, and she said, "No I mean real computers, like the big ones." I replied "Grandma they obviously have those as well, it's a mandatory factor." She just said "Okay." I walked outside near the garage to check on Bam Bam, my iguana, as his cage is usually put outside when I get home from school so he can get the proper amount of sunlight. I saw that the garage was open once again, and Bam Bam in the garage standing directly next to his cage. He started chasing me to the front of the house, trying to whip me with his tail, while I was screaming for grandma. I managed to slide through the door and get grandma. She was going to go through her room and out to the sliding door that leads to the garage to try and grab Bam Bam before he could whip her, but ended up finding him on the pool deck right outside her room. She tried to grab him like Sammy (my step-grandfather) usually would, but it was of course harder for her, because she's not used to his strength. He whipped her and scratched her until she finally got him to the cage. I had already realized that he had to have been very hungry, so I went and grabbed 3 long leaves of lettuce, cut them up, and hand fed him. Then I woke up.


  • Oct 30, 2020

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