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You were made to soar

I looked around to see all the things I would miss if I was not here like listening to the birds sing waking up to an early morning kiss
Sometimes it seems it would be easier just to say goodbye it is very difficult to try and fight hard every day to stay alive but I'm not ready to die
My body's falling apart I won’t lie my mind is gone I can't tell what's real and what’s not makes me want to cry
I never quit at anything I have always gave it my all there was nothing left I was exhausted and to the ground I would fall
Oh, there were plenty of people that laughed at me for always working too hard staying longer making sure everything was done over the years what made me mad is in the end it did not matter what I did because no one cared that I did my best no one was in my corner and cheered
I did my best at everything I did because that’s how I was taught by my dad he said if it was not done right then why do it why waste time now, he has been gone for a long time and I miss him which makes me sad
I have disappointed him so many times in my life that it makes me feel so ashamed that I have thought of cutting my throat with a knife
That would be quitting giving up I could not do that so I would just go into a dark corner all alone and hit my head with a bat
I have to live with my failures and the guilt till my time runs out or my game  just tilts
So even today I can look at myself and shake my head I can live off my disability and just relax until the day I am dead
 But no, I still work more hours now writing and painting everyday than I did before I got hurt this is the way I am I work to live not to play

The very few times in my life when I found myself without a job and not working, I did not feel alive I felt I was useless and that feeling of being hopeless is my motivation it was my drive
Yes, after I got hurt, I found myself all alone laying on the ground with nothing to do I wanted people to feel sorry for me so hold my breath until I turn blue
When I first started writing people would laugh and tell me  I was crazy but most of them since I didn't go out and work thought I was just lazy
But with my mind broken I cannot do that for fear that if I take one more hit in my head, I would never again in life wear a hat
So, I stuck it out and taught myself how to write the best I could and I now that's all I do day and night
 Is to write stories for you to read to enjoy to laugh to make you cry so maybe one day you can open your imagination to tell a story about how a kite was afraid to fly
So even in darkness when you think everything is over there's always something there was always a light somewhere you just got to learn to turn it on and fight
Because your life is worth fighting for don't give up don't lock yourself in never again, to walk through the door
 I’ve been there I know that feeling down deep in your gut we are all tied up in nuts can’t breathe and everybody thinks you’re nuts
Who cares what other say don't stop believing in yourself because everyone is special in their way
Don't listen to those voices they just want you to go into the light they don't want you to stand up on your own and fight
It’s like what I said to a kite once that was afraid to fly don't sit on the ground there you, will just wither and die 
It's okay to be afraid close your eyes and just fly and before you know it, you’ll be laughing and having fun with the other kites in the sky
Because I made you better than all the rest you have nothing to fear any more it's your time shine go and enjoy  you were made to soar


  • Oct 30, 2020

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